Interview met Deepak Chopra

Enkele uitspraken uit het interview met Deepak:

1. We are in a critical time in our evolution. Our past phase of evolution was about survival of the fittest. As a result we have survived. But we have also become the most dangerous predator on this planet, risking the extinction of all species including ourselves and the planet itself. We are the only animal that kills its own kind and most frequently in the name of God. We are also the only animal that is capable of racism, bigotry, hatred, prejudice and devastation of the eco-system.

The next phase of our evolution, if we are to survive, will have to be (in the words of Jonas Salk) survival of the wisest. Wisdom is that knowledge that serves the eco-system, the chain of being and the web of life. The next phase of evolution must be consciousness (we are the only species that is conscious of our consciousness). The choice is ours. Nature could easily decide that the human experiment was interesting but failed. On the other hand, we have an invitation to join with the harmonious interaction of the elements and forces of the universe and participate in the next phase of its evolution.

 2. Belief is a cover up for insecurity. And the most fervent believers are religious fundamentalists and they have certainly made a mess of the world. Faith, on the other hand, is a willingness to step into the unknown. The unknown is the only reality. The known is the prison of our past conditioning. Everything we know has already happened. If you can step into the unknown in every moment of your life then you’re always in the field of infinite possibilities. This is true faith and it is faith in yourself.

Voor het gehele interview verwijs ik u graag door naar: (Canada)

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